After 10 days…

“Disparate Spaces” has now been running for more than 10 days without a hitch, and this weekend past is the first time I’ve left it alone….I listened in from my holiday address in Devon, it was particularly atmospheric last night with what was obviously a pretty heavy rainstorm coming in over the microphone.


Tip from the States….

My good friend John Reid, who lives in rural Indiana, pointed out that, for Windows users, the soundscape plays very well on Screamer Radio

I’m of course an inveterate Mac-centric, so I merrily set it up for iTunes, without considering my Windows-using brethren.

Disparate Spaces is still very much live! Drop in for a bit of audio relaxation.

Bish bosh…

The pulse sensor is beginning to make some sort of sense….it’s great to have it flashing an LED on an Arduino, but I’d actually like to do something with the data. So here it is attached to a phidgets board, reading into Max/MSP….looks like a pulse to me!

In other news, I found a little Sony stereo mic lying around….so the live feed is now stereo! As ever:

Nice and warm….

Lovely summer weather here in Splott, so just for a giggle I decided to add a light intensity and humidity plot to the software….of course the humidity isn’t zero, but it’s the working reading I use. Gives you a nice idea of how sunny and dry it is though….the light intensity reaches a maximum just after 8am and drops off after 5. The slight scatter at the top of the light curve was some light cloud in the morning.


light intensity and humidity readings over 24 hours



Spying on the neighbours

I have now added a discrete little microphone to the installation….you may hear my wonderful cheerful neighbours who run the taxi garage next door chatting away in English, Farsi, Arabic and Turkish. More than anything else you’ll hear the frequent trains that pass within spitting distance (quite literally). All continues to broadcast cheerfully on


The discrete little mic outside my window