Turn that racket DOWN!

Of course, quarter to midnight is a great time to get the power tools out on the railway…..Disparate Spaces hears all!



Dad, how does it work?

OK, I’m going to start a series of new blog entries dealing with the nitty gritty of how the installation actually works.

Disparate Spaces is written in Max/MSP, a graphical programming language for sound and video – it could just as well have been done in PureData, its sister application.
At the heart of it lies this little Max/MSP patch, which I initially set up to be able to quickly pull in soundfiles from anywhere on my computer: you simply drag and drop the sound on the name zone, and it’s ready to play. The “play” and “loop” buttons are self-explanatory. the [receive control] object allows you to send volume control data from anywhere else in Max/MSP, providing you send it with [send control] (of course you can change “control” to anything you like).

Want to play with this? Download it here!

And now for something completely different…..

I was invited to do a bit of work for the Real Jazz Summer School, held at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (aka my workplace). Basically a week-long conference where amateur (in the best sense of the word) musicians descend to work with the best jazz tutors around….a lot of playing and a lot of partying.

For reasons many and varied I couldn’t use the proper recording studio, so I set up an ad-hoc facility in one of the rehearsal rooms. Not a great acoustic,but it is amazing what you can achieve with basic kit and some really good microphones!

Frank Dunbar and Friends

Anyway, here we we have Frank Dunbar (guitar) and friends jamming at the end of a session…..just four nice gents having a good time.


Interesting output from the graphs….sunlight on the right, humidity on the left. It’s been raining on and off, but as soon as the sun comes out the relative humidity spikes! The soundscape sounds pretty rainy at the moment, but the outside micropine seems to be holding up.


Temp and humidity graphs for a rainy day