New looks and methods….

Right, been a while since my last update, but Disparate Spaces is still going strong! I’ve done some major redesign, so it now no longer needs the sensors: I found a way of parsing data from Yahoo Weather into the patch, and I’m now using the computers built in camera to get a light intensity reading – it all works really well!
On another note, I’ve now had a listen to what it sounds like in an octophonic diffusion…..a really nice immersive experience. I had some fantastic positive feefback from some of my studemts.



Weather with you…..

This is hugely muppety, but I’m really pleased with myself having worked out how to pull data from an RSS feed into Max/MSP. The example I’m using here is a weather feed, which means that Disparate Spaces is one step closer to total portability.

Try it? Download it here…..