Coding time…..

Well, things have progressed somewhat…from a keyboard to a MaKey MaKey was a relatively small step….


After that, I decided that attaching a tiny TFT monitor would be a funky idea…..this opened up a remarkable can of worms, in that the python library I use to read keypresses (PYgame) doesn’t like to run in non-standard resolutions. Anyway…..after a fair bit of digging I got things to work.


Now then……a challenge. I love my Phidgets (, and using the 8/8/8 interface board as an interface to read analogue sensors into the RasPi has great potential. I hadn’t realised that it involved building all sorts of stuff like Python classes, and I even ended up having to dist off some of my old “C” programming skills….but we got there in the end, and the point where my terminal window told me it could see the interface was a fine moment indeed:


and it got even better when I got the Python script to read the sensor inputs working….here is the output from a simple fader:


Some useful links-

Phidgets and Linux:

Phidgets and C/C++:


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