Getting a Rode NT4 to work with a Zoom H2n

I’m a big fan of the diminutive Zoom H2n field recorder, but sometimes the built-in mics don’t cut it. When I plugged it my Rode NT4 (my go-to stereo mic, as it will run on a battery) I found that the output was surprisingly low….turns out that there is a built-in pad in the DXLR to minijack cable, a leftover from when the main portas were minidiscs, which had somewhat hysterical preamps. After a bit of digging around, I found this tip:


Out came the soldering iron, and now I have full dynamics. Of course if I want decent pre-amps I’ll use my Tascam DR-680, but sometimes you just need to grab something quickly without lugging a kit bag…..


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